Tim Joyner


Hamilton, MT


About the Artist
Tim Joyner's interests in wildlife and the western lifestyle are reflected in his work. He is known for his unusual and often humorus portrayal of these subjects. He is talented in many mediums including painting, glass etching, and bronze sculpture. Tim is often recognized for his achievements and was given a community service award for his generosity to many organizations. He exhibits his work in many galleries and at select art shows, most notably the C. M.Russell Art Auction in Great Falls MT. Tim makes his home in Hamilton MT, with his wife Jennifer and two children.

There is a new exciting difference to this web site. You can now get prints directly from this website! Part of the benefit of changing to this site is that Fine Art America will print selected images from my site. They will print on canvas, paper, etc...they will guide you through all the steps and you can even pick out frames and matts! You can even make your own cards and add sentiments inside as well. All very cool and a good way to get some artwork. Keep in mind these are not signed and numbered but if you just want the image then it might be the thing for you.

If you want signed and numbered prints, as most of my prints are, then please contact me for more info. My editon sizes are usually low and my prices range from $75 -125 for most prints
I hope you enjoy this collection of my work. If you have any questions or comments. about the art or prices, ordering etc... please let me know. I can be reached by e-mail jentimjoyner@msn.com or 406-360-2391

Most of the prices in this website are correct, but please check with Tim if you have any questions


Saturday night Cafe by Tim Joyner


Buck Horn Bottle Opener by Tim Joyner


Sasquatch Bottle Opener by Tim Joyner


Buffalo Skull Opener by Tim Joyner


Bobcat by Tim Joyner


Plight by Tim Joyner


ordering by Tim Joyner


Cowboy Artist by Tim Joyner


Legacy by Tim Joyner


Eight Second Prayer by Tim Joyner


Catch and release by Tim Joyner


Western Hardware by Tim Joyner


Wish You Were Here by Tim Joyner


Bull Riding Hall of Fame by Tim Joyner


Old School Griz by Tim Joyner


Bigfoot by Tim Joyner


moose antler by Tim Joyner


Worth Watin For by Tim Joyner


Bear Head Bottle Opener by Tim Joyner


Bull ridin by Tim Joyner


Bulldoggin a brown by Tim Joyner


Bustin a Brooke by Tim Joyner


Clint by Tim Joyner


the Troutfitter by Tim Joyner


Ad by Tim Joyner